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Correll Business Services

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Running a business is hard.
Let us make it easier.

Running a business is hard. Let us make it easier by taking the bookkeeping, payroll, and business taxes off your plate. Your business needs you to do what you do best. Let us keep your books so you can keep your time for more important things.

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How is your business doing? What was your profit last month? Are your prices high enough? Are you paying too much for your bills? Most business owners don't know the answers to these questions. Luckily, we do.


Business Incorporation & Registration

You're ready to open a business. You have your business plan and know exactly what you're going to do and how you're going to do it. Now what? Now, you have to do a TON of paperwork to become properly registered with your state and the feds. It's a headache. But it's a headache that we deal with everyday and understand very well. Let us handle it so you can finally make it official.


Running a business is hard. You're probably going to need some help along the way. Paying employees is not as easy as handing them cash at the end of the day. As a business owner, you are now responsible for recording all payments to employees, withholding the taxes that they owe, matching their tax payments, and paying the proper amounts to your state and the IRS. Messing up could really cost you. Literally. It is crucial to make sure the money you are withholding from your employees is properly traced and distributed.

Sales Tax

If you're selling something, you most likely need to be collecting sales tax for it. As a business owner, you are now responsible for collecting any sales tax owed to your state and paying it on behalf of your customers. Just another nuisance that we will be happy to take off your plate.


What are your numbers looking like? If you don't know the answer to this question, you need a bookkeeper. At CBS, we use QuickBooks Online to manage our client's books. QuickBooks is an affordable and user-friendly software that keeps track of every business transaction and neatly displays your income, expenses, and profit. All of this information is easily accessible from any computer or smart phone so you always know how your business is doing. 

Keeping an accurate record of your books also makes tax time a breeze. Why pay a CPA to scramble for this information in an effort to determine your tax liability? Hiring a bookkeeper is affordable and essential to every successful business. There's no reason to stress out your CPA and yourself when you could hire a bookkeeper to manage and communicate all of the necessary information for you. Your CPA will thank you.

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